3 Bar Sampler

3 Bar Sampler
3 Bar Sampler
3 Bar Sampler
3 Bar Sampler
3 Bar Sampler

3 Bar Sampler


When you want a healthy functional snack to fit into YOUR lifestyle, then you'll love our coffee fruit & nut-based bars.  Filled with prebiotic fibre to nourish your gut, rich antioxidants to fight free radicals + whole nuts for focus and of course to keep you full. 

You have two options for sampling.

Box of 3 Samples: $4.50 per bar + shipping
Box of 3 TRIAL of subscription: $4.24 per bar
(This is a pre trial of our 10 box subscription service and can be cancelled, swapped or paused anytime).

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Easy ordering, and no lock in contracts! 

Okay, I'm intrigued. How does the trial work?

As a new product to market we know people might want to try the flavours before committing,
that's why we made a risk-free Flex Subscription trial.  If you choose the 3 bar trial, you'll get 3 bars at a discount and then jump onto a full subscription of 10 bars. 

Heres How It Works 

Try the 3 bars.
Start of with a three bar trial to see what flavours you like best. We'll send you one flavour of each bar: Lemon, Cocoa and Espresso.

Make Your Choice.
10 days after your trial pack is dispatched, you’ll get a notification from us about your first shipment. The default is a box of mixed bars (3 Espresso, 4 Lemon, 3 Cocoa) for $40.46. You can respond to the email/ text to change flavours or cancel altogether.

Join the movement.
Every month, we'll send you a notification before each order to change flavours or skip as needed. 

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Are you sick and tired or protein bars and energy bars claiming to be healthy and nutritional only to be filled with artificial preservatives and additives? Do you look at the back of a label and feel confused by the ingredients? Do you just want a clean and natural alternative to junk snacks? 

Well, you've come to the right place. Our bars use whole organic cashews, whole almonds and whole dates. Why is this important? Because you'd be surprised the industry standard is to use a paste or powder. Gross, we know! 



Our bars contain Prebiotic fibre as opposed to probiotics. Why? 
Because, probiotics die in products that are processed, like snacks! So to get the best out of gut health, we work with prebiotic chicory root fibre which nourishes your gut! 

The coffee fruit:

Coffee fruit is one of natures original superfruits, it's outer red cherry has an incredibly high ORAC value which means that it helps to fight free radicals in the body, aids with anti- inflammation and helps with mood regulation and focus. 

Clean Caffeine:

Caffeine is naturally derived from coffee. But did you know most of the caffeine in coffee is in the seeds? Yes! that's correct. So the fruit itself is relatively low in caffeine, which when utilised in our bars gives you 35.5mg. What does this mean? Well, that's the equivalent to a green tea energy boost. So very gentle indeed. 

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Product image


"OMG! it is the most AMAZING treat I have had in a very long time! The research I’ve done on the extraordinary health benefits of coffee fruit means that I know how good these bars are for you! I felt a real brain boost/clarity for the next few hours."

Michelle - Customer, QLD Australia

"The bars pack a bunch of flavour, they are the perfect consistency-not crumbly, at all, and come in 3 awesome flavours! I think my favourite is the espresso!"

Emma - Nutrition student , VIC Australia

"Barista breakfast. The right way to start a new week, thanks for the pick me up."

Paolo - Barista, QLD Australia

"I'm in love with your bars!
They are such a great snack to have in between training."

Georgie - Commonwealth Gymnast, QLD Australia